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A Collection of Papers (published previous to 1909). By William
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He had, therefore, considered sterilization a secondary matter. He re-
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salvarsan is a specific for Spirochaeta pallida in practically every case,
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tablets contain paratophan 0.5 gm (7^ grains). Schering & Glatz, New
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Pressure — By Carl D. Camp, M. D., Ann Arbor, Michigan 1
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practically, convulsions are seen only in patients abusing
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infantile paralysis may act as carriers of the disease. Osgood and Lucas
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latter is fixed or bound ; its combining affinities are satisfied, so
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if they mutually tend to inhibit rather than reinforce, the next
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James A. Miller, Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, 1870,
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vanced. Rarely does the tip of the catheter advance
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declared that since he could breathe better through his nose at all times