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In 18S8 he removed to Kansas City, Mo., and devoted
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member of the Erie County Medical Society, a member of the board
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The median nerve was torn half across ; the ulnar artery and the
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rise to two distinct forms of nervous shock, which may be suffi-
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If amylic alcohol produces these lesions involving the cortex
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you how to do it ; and it is just here that your success will rest.
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creates another. Alcohol, so often recommended in phthisic
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that it is not only useless, but also troublesome and in the
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After an hour's recess for dinner, Dr. O. W. Roberts read a
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rector of Fordham University School of Sociology, and of the Catholic
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\_Notes of an address before the Boston Homceopathic Medical Society ?[
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disinfectants, for popular use and distribution, to be furnished to the
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New York. Dr. Beck was an expert on insanity, and in 1811 pub-
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