mother. The placenta had the appearance of having been for a long
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being hung up and sprinkled with formalin through an
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ade will keep the keys, and, by weekly inspections, ascertain that each ambulance
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treating diphtheria. In i-e])ly I would say, I give the muriate of ammonia in full
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der another condition of things tlian really existed. I remained
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I believe, would now be ready for identification ; but if the putre-
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istered in considerable doses with an equal amount of hot
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the result of several consecutive circular incisions, and is most
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solutions containing 1 part to 500, or 1,000, of water.
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aborigines not having it, till fetched hither by the British, and that
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whenever they were touched ; swallowing was impeded, but not re-
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If the facts which already exist arc faitlifully collated hy the Cum-
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age. Dr. C. was a native of Massachusetts, but his father's family
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both arms, lasting about twenty minutes, and gradually passing off.
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over, but the disdiarge continued from the nose. In June, he went
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insoluble in ether, chloroform, carbon disulphide, benzin,
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But there is no reason to believe that when aniesthesia is accomplish-
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ignce. The fluxabex of these is strikingly small. The attacks last from
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Albany, Ind., Dec. 17tli, Dr. Asaliel Clapp, in the 71st year of his
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extent. It is usually best to combine this treatment with
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inedieines nnless the secretion of the skin l)e lirst promoted, without
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the Trent river, distance two miles, and encamped near the County
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latter. This remains to be proved. Liquid thiol is employed
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were observed as in the last case. Recovery took place in five days.
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this disease. Enemata of lime water destroy pin worms.
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and pleurisy), but its other actions are disadvantageous and
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institution be a warning to those who have it iu charge, to administer
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Opium is indicated in all forms of pain, unless it be
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spiegcl " (ophthalmoscope) on the first page of Jager's recent work,*
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The following I have found excellent: — Tr. iodine, 3 ij. ; tr. myrrh,
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rently from the increased swelling and inflammation of the tonsils.
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rom the t-mbrasiiros. It is worthy iA' remark here, that these build-
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shows that the size of the kidney is not increased. The
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be extremely difficult always to distinguish between them. Dr.
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about, the pupils are dilated and the slightest noise excites
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cases was so large a portion of the uterine tissue removed as in
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lished in our issue of Feb. 12th, remarks as follows : —
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tannin, alkaline carbonates, lime water, salts of copper, mer-
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field, of South Reading. Secretary, Dr. Ephraim Cutter, of Woburn.
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minor operations are often done with safety during the
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and neutralized with hydrochloric acid. Crystals of the