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Clinics. Professor Shattuck (M.G.H.) and Dr. H. Jackson (B.C.H.).

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fore appointed. An Independent newspaper of Toronto looks

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cum laude will be given to candidates who have obtained an average of

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sion, visited the Chicago, Ann Arbor and Wisconsin universi-

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j less than two years, - at least one of which must be spent in residence at

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bladder, may say of all the bladder; hence . nervous tonics are indicated,

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the hind legs — that will move the bowels forward. Sometimes we just

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for the best dissertation on questions in medical science proposed by the

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Third Year. — Instruction is given by lectures, recitations, and clinical

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brane in the lining of the mouth, eyelids and nostrils.

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Text-books. — Osier, Practice of Medicine. Von Leube, Diagnose der

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affect all animals. Experiments had l)een made with dogs,

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3. Posterior vaginal section is not difiicult andnever dan-

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Present illness. — The disease began on July 24, 1907, with a chill. The next

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cent, of pure quinia, whether called Peru- i " Patent or secret medicines" are bylaw

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Welch which, succinctly put by Ricketts, is as follows: "If bacterial

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fer when in a recumbant position, but when he stands up the desire to

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first, mild counter-irritant, as ammoniacal liniment — one 1 application wil.

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undoubtedly have been found had there been any widespread prevalence

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plasma and lymphoid cells. In the different tonsils these

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awarded to a poor and meritorious student of the first year, after three