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by great frequency of respiration and evidences of cyanosis. The occur-

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a disease does not exist. In facial erysipelas it is believed the organism

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appear suddenly vithoiit ooiistitiitioiiul disturhanceH. A foehlc and irrc;^-

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frequent micturition. The blood supply to the urethra must be stimu-

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does not entirely disappear, and the urine remains albuminous.

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ductus communis into the duodenum. Again, when calculi are formed in

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/fe,^^^^^$5— > "7 Differential Diagnosis. — The

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directly upon the tumor, (c) Direct pressure by tourniquet. This

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Not infrequently these cases terminate fatally ; doubtless iii some cases the

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once. The reduction of the subluxation and the relaxation of the con-

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serious disease. It is undoubtedly a more serious affection when it occurs

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abdominal waUs, usually about the umbilicus, called "biliary fistulae/'

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- I have found the following to allay this craving :

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aortic tension indirectly causes aortic stenosis.' Men suffer from aortic

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in quantity, recovery cannot be regarded as complete. The indications of

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necessary to have a small brush for removing the saw-dust, or this may

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develop in the interstitial tissue to which th e parent sac is firmly adherent.

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characteristic inflammation, attended with softening of the bone and

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are pushed out and the poison is squeezed in between them and then

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antimony has any power either to arrest the progress of the inflammatory

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when there is no jaundice present. In cardialgia, pain comes on immedi-

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Treatment. — In osteomyelitis, not the result of wounds, an early

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it is present in the exhalations and in the excretions, as well as in the

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turned on the side or moved in bed, and an ice-bag should be applied

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little predisposing influence. It is a question whether the strong or the weak

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with dense, firm walls. If the inflammation is chronic., it ends in indura-

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sight may be entirely lost. This amaurosis is due to a neuro-retinitis ; it

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pressed and sometimes delayed. If the effusion is abundant the pulse has

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cases after death. If the obstruction is in the small intestine hiccough is

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composition or biological action of the bacilli themselves.

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aneurism is disease of the arterial walls, the most common of which are

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be taken to avoid extension of the disease, and as we are unable to control

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On auscultation, a splash or '' succiission sound" is heard on shaking

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ing the suprarenal capsule of the kidney, or spinal lesions from the

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7. Should the circulation not be disturbed and the fragments held

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sacral spine will relieve the spasm of the sphincter muscle.

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