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of the lumbar spine. This directly affects the nutrition to the joint.

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In cloth gilt, price is. 6a., by post. is. 8d. ; in paper, price Is., by post. Is. Id.

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of heart disease have occurred in the few recorded cases of syphilis of the

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Again, one attack does not protect an individual against the contagion of

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part of the intestine for some time. The exhaustion from the suppura-

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are always prominent. Strychnia and zinc in combination with min-

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liaturol Media. — Blood serum is obtained by leaving in a cool place, for

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tongue and mouth that the thermometer may show a temperature of only

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normal quantity. In the advanced stage of severe cases there is sometimes

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point does not entirely lose its red color. In a certain proportion of cases,

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gangrene becomes the centre of diffuse gangrene. In exceptional cases,

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071 section, the enlargement of the organ will be found to be due chiefly

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with constipation, hemorrhoidal tumors, haematemesis, intestinal hemor-

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Treatment. — The limb should be kept immovable for a period of

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due to heart-insufficiency. Persons who are subjects of latty heart cannot

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he allowed to remain quiet until conditions have arisen which demand

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tion of the disease into localities where it is not indigenous, for this is con-

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tion causes pain, which disappears during rest. Sometimes the patient may

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Symptoms, — Osteitis can not be differentiated from periostitis. The

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use of the spine, as the jurymast, plaster casts, etc., should be avoided.

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The best time for the first performance of vaccination is in infancy, between

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Duodenal cancer simulates hepatic and gastric cancer ; it is often

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toms of dissolution appear. All the elements of the body do not lose

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ments of the urine. This condition may occur in the course of any disease

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Often after this class of patients have suffered much and seem to be stead-

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