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H. Taylor. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania,

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Treatment. — The treatment comprises two indications :

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Pseudo-arthroses are less seen since we have more respected

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set, Paris, France ; Dr. Bernardino Dadea, Turin, Italy ; Dr.

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on the histology and microscopical pathology of the eye,

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TRVING SAMUEL HAYNES, Ph.B., M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.S., eminent

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An autopsy was held on the 26th. It was not satisfactory,

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palpitations go, the last state of the patient is worse than the

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We cannot imagine employment of any other apparatus.

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New York, receiving the degree of M. D., in 1885. After serving in

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intense local reaction, which usually quickly yields to anti-

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Dr. Carmichael presented an instructive paper upon sprains ;

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For the frontal headache, bryonia, third centesimal dilution,

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such matters, regards principle as quite subordinate to taste, and

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169. Section of the cervical cord in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis .... 369

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The North-American Review for December discusses, by