every station was filled by the fittest man, and no change could be made
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The most important predisposing condition is a wound, which may be
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iuteUectual of the senses. Whatever sense is most acute, its nerve
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and albumoses are the commonest substances found in such albuminous
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products from the body is not yet sufficiently taught and enforced in
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De«4MMtratorj(.— Jambi Quackbnbush, M.D., J. B. Swbtt, M.D.
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the serum in such a manner as to render it attenuating ; so that although
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namely, on the skin. John of Gaddesden, a court physician in the reigns
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nerve terminations in the skin, may be the cause of frequently recurring
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and to some extent its history, together with the associated physical and
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in the sun or in the shade. The condition is one of syncope, and may
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tient may die undelivered, has often proved an incentive for undertaking
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leaving the white part only in view — sometimes they open and close,
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cases, and is much more frequent in some epidemics than in others.
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fatal ; but temperatures between 105° F. and 106° F. may be met with
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and the study of the cholera organism was more or less restricted to
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and perspiration is more free than in vapour baths. These baths may
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employing themselves in delineating its features, or tracing the effect of
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often find that they are not so much due to the climatic advantages of
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a little mustard, and found that, although the blood current had ceased,
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In the milder cases recovery, when it occurs, is usually rapid and
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fever and ague, which amounts almost to immunity. Carnivora generally
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sions are clue, not to the mechanical presence of the micro-organisms, but to the
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namely, (1) through Afghanistan, Persia and Central Asia, to Eastern
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and other examples could be given where premonitory symptoms of
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of horses, that to those under training the smallest quantity of fluid
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Journal, Aug. -Dec. 1886; also Lancet for 8th June 1878, and Brit. Med. Journal, 1878,
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Hepatic Dyspepsia; Lithcemia. — Plainly cooked animal food. Dimi-
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and Treatment of Diseases of the Heart, with some new views of the
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grow in the body of a second individual as it would have done in the
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from the lung suddenly brought to a termination by the use of dry cup-
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bacillus, the cholera vibrio, and the bacillus of tetanus ; and Leber ob-
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Midwifery and Medical Jurisprudence, by Waltxe Charriito, M.D. 10
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insolation may have a deleterious or unfavourable effect on the soil.
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ordinary character of febrine urine. It is decreased in quantity, high-
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virus exists under ground before it affects human beings. In some
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with a sawing motion, through its anterior external edge ; an assistant-