Clpllateral Reading. — Oppenheim, Diseases of the Nervous System
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From the final cession of Acadia to Great Britain and the
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the anus, lips, etc. They are not so common in the lower animals as in
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This is the most insiduous, stealthy disease we have anything to do
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In the twisted suture there .are a number of pins, and the silk is twisted
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skin is warm and dry, and the weak, flickering pulse has
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long should not be moved at the whim of any 15oard of
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or domestic rat. It is a large rat which in European countries has
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," pared chalk or lime water, for remember the stomach is -acid in all these
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nity to undertake such investigations under the direction of the instructors
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might be passed three times a day: , In the human they often have to
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and including true parasitism on the other, in which either component
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proportion of active, strong party men. To assure myself of
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on circulation within the liver ; (c) channels of collateral circulation ; (c^)
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the kidneys is partially carried on, the life of the animal may be pro-
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tions of Pneumonia, we often find only one lobule affected. These
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itinue to do so from time to time till cataracts form, causing total
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being negroes, or partly of that nationality, and the two deaths
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diagnosed in the first stage, depletion is indicated; you may give diuret-
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standing. A minimum of one year in residence shall be required of all
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information that she requires to carry out any directions given
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giving another dose of the same amout gives better results than the large
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during the convalescence, and to make full written reports of the cases.
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coffee color, and thick — the color is due to the coloring matter from the
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