personal assistance of Professor Porter. The work will consist of

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educational means of reaching the people of the Philippine Islands

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now occupy over four acres, have a frontage of 550 feet on

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uterus to be delivered at the same time, which is extremely

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reach from the vulva to above the points of the clamps. The

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subsides, but it leaves more or less enlargement of the leg, due to the,

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The Bursar's Office is in Dane Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge.

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insensible, and die from blood poisoning in a comatose condition.

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+ Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine

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ERHorr, and Drs. Barkan and Faunce. Three hours daily during

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that such a journey will not be considered advisable for him

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twenty-four to thirty-two hours. Similar conditions were found in both

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the comfort of the animal. Dr. Hughes agrees with Dr. Baker that firing

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Semeiology.— It may. come on suddenly, especially if due to heavy

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and, in part, of special researcli. The laboratory instruction will com-

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Page, Perry, Spooner, and Steele. Two to three hours daily

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At about what age is the secretion of the sahvary glands estab-

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her delivery. A microscopic examination igp^ ^^g successful; he obtained blue

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in the first general examination will be Anatomy, Histology and Embry-

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Semeiology; — Restlessness, more or less colicky pains, though

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pathology of the skin, with training in the preparation of microscopical

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page of which Dr. Wm. Brown is mentioned as author; the

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offensive. This discharge of the acute is very light, and can often be

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This mottled condition is due to extensive exudation of lymph into the

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J. Dellinger Barney, M.D., Assistant in Genito- Urinary Surgery.