Lectures and recitations on physical diagnosis. Dr. Robey. (P.B.

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Arthur I. Kendall, Ph.D., Instructor in Preventive Medicine and

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mucous membrane half-an-inch behind its reflection from the

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The Massachusetts General Hospital. -Dnri^g the past year, more

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A diagnosis might also be made by elimination, after having reviewed

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•doses; best to give them together. Give a purgative — nitrate of potash;

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change, but the right auriculo-ventricular opening is enlarged. The whole arch

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sion to report on the reorganization of the University of

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of the Graduate School of Medicine, October 1, 1912, these special stu-

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(3) Research course for advanced students. Desks will be assigned at

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i.Lr!^'7^ fPP^o^inately the composition of a normal urine con-

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confirmation in the Episcopal church In the summer oMQlT"^ w^

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result but for the obstruction to respiration which its presence

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iy be laving latent. Bronchitis 'is. often caused by the introduction

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every surgical disease and injury, including the surgical operations on the

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The Bursar's Office is in Dane Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge.

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origin, is necessarily the faeces of persons already infected. 16 With this

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in the human due to inherited taints; that is in the blood. The lower

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cases in Manila after 1904 are not traceable to any outside source, it is

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too weak or the axis is too short, so that the principal focus

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spells of coughing, dyspnea and diminution of appetite. The

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plenty of bedding. May come from dirty ropes and instruments. Cot-

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Third Year. — Systematic lectures are given at the M > .ical School

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which the compounding of prescriptions is illustrated. In addition to the

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