wards of the M.G.H., B.C.H., or P.B.B.H., is required of each student,
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matter is diminished. ,So in proportion to the decrease of corpuscles in
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.rose tfl 43.91, which is about 2degree3 above ! rain ; at 38 degrees on the 24th, and al 48
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Channing Frothingham, Jr., M.D., Lesley H. Spooner,' M.d'
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of substances within the crypts cannot very well occur. So
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" Hysteropexy and the operation for shortening the round liga-
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Under the microscope you will find several specimens, also a
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there is an intermittant discharge, this is a well marked sign of chronic,
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academic year, without the presentation of a bill ; and the second insta^
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attenilve persons can prevent suicide. He j past age, and which he thought had long been
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rare; riiore likely to occur in the human than in the lower animals, on
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the chronic form the most typical example is seen in glanders in the
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picture is too true and its replica may be found in every town in
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" That public ward cases shall be available exclusively for
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began, so pathology had its chief source and inspiration in
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He then returned to Mr. Flavelle's allegation that the
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The miscellaneous places mentioned in the table include rivers, esteros,
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Comparative Pathology 2. Research. Professor E. E. Tyzzer. Stu-
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our Tonquinese patients, and therefore we thought ourselves justified in
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examination of the corroborative evidence of thiriy such cases in the course of his life,
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or four places. In some cases the pustules run together, becoming con-
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is degeneration of the little spot; usually this degeneration is caseous,
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Harold C. Ernst, M.D., Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass.
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pig to vomit, is that the oesophagus dilates as it ' enters the stomach,
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Semeiology. — When arising, as it ordinarily does, from some pre-