Do not spend time trying to dissuade these kindly country
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200 more than for the same period last year, ', sponding month of 1851.
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An elementary knowledge of embryology, such as may be obtained
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should the uterus be cancerous it had better be removed
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Lectures on selected topics. Professor Christian. (H.M.S.) Twice
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, • , • • .u . f I. ' Unexpected Lure of iVarls by Carbonate
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: The force of the pulse lies in the expansion and contraction of the heart:
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work in branches already pursued by the class to which they seek admis-
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for eleven days with slight variations, giving a most characteristic chart,
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Fellows of Harvard College, and consists of the following physicians :
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matter in it to cause the stomach to become stimulated to action; this is
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the Committee will debar such dissertation from competition.
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case of the pharyngeal tonsil, ciliated epithelium partiality
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According to Tanaka the name tsutsugamushi has been known since
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whisky with it, if this fails to have the desired effect, I use quinine and
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Already the question is being asked as to what will be done
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Waring, Elmer Stebbins, a.b. (Univ. of South Carolina)
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Sept. 1.5. Thursday. Exan.inations begin for applicants for advanced
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may show the infection to be confined to this region. The possibility
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white color, and when old are quite firm and hard, when first taken ou
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Each course limited to two and preference will be given to men taking
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had really occurred while the child was la- ; skin, must not such discharge be the result
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and milk and barley. Some recommend swabbing the throat with a
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may be found in the University Catalogue for 1915-16, pages 583-589 and
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Island, Dr. Simpson, CharlottetoAvn ; Nova Scotia, Dr. J. R.
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