Dr. Breckenridge, on the mode of pro- \ and referred to the Committee on Publica-
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bronchitis and pneumonia, remembering the tendency to such
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Elliott G. Brackett, M.D., Associate in Orthopedic Surgery.
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glue in consistency. The density of the Tumor as ' a whole depends as
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cope. In Syncope in the human, they generally drop in a heap, may be
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addition there will be instruction in oi)hthalnnc operations, with oppor-
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pose of the investigation expressed in the introduction would be served
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ined, 810; infected, 115, or 14.20 per cent; adults (over 15 years)
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slough off; this occurs in from six to twenty- four hours after the rupture,
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parently wrong, particularly in the mare. In this case better examine
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were reported, the conclusions from which ; discussion had been very prevalent, particu-
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and all of the class dissect the same part at the same time. The general
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from the mouth in ropy strings; occasionally a little froth at the corners
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The required course may be repeated as an elective, the only change
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A special course in vertebrate embryology is given during the second
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occupied with housework. She had had a former mild attack
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neighborhood in which you live. What "higher aim could
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Filthy habits in eight or nine chronic cases, ' a dose of something which will ^ripe you
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was afterwards re-established and is in force at the present
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the teeth is governed by the wants of the {medical informants inquire specially in all
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GoflBn, Launcelot Curry, a.b. (Univ. of Missouri) 1914, San Francisco, Cal.
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system. The general plan of instruction is (a) Review of the anatomy of