Zoology (which must include dissection of vertebrates and M'ork with
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Lawrence J. Henderson, M.D., Assistant Professor of Biological
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the right leg, it gave out all at once, when I started to put up the right
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from 900 to a 1 100 pounds weight, is to leave 8 inches of dock; in a horse
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Surgery 2. Clinical Work at the Boston City Hospital.
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has a capacity of sixty-four beds. Operations are performed on Tues-
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The case-method is followed. The report of a selected case will be
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our experimentalists, to manufacture statis- thic Hospital of Vienna, and the average
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rare occurrence. Likewise, in cases of chronic granular phar-
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nervous prostration follows. Stimulants are indicated, depletion is con-
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would seem that there was general peritonitis, that really the-
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Venom collected from the habu is a viscous, slightly yellowish fluid
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cussions in which the student is required to })erform his share. This lasts
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for three days. Fever 101°-103° accompanied this diarrhoea. On the
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The rule now is, and especially in this climate, not to give a laxa-
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In order to test the foregoing hypothesis, the Bureau of Science has
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-oxylate of lime, of urea, and sometimes free oxalic acid in the urine;
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foreign body within the canal, such as a exhibit large emollient enemata every six or
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lescence and post-operative treatment. Students will also be required to
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toneum in 4, and was a generalized process in 2. Nearly an equal
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(M.G.II.), Stone and Lee (M.G.H. and S.H.). Twice a week,
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such selected topics as development, living anatomy, the dietetics of
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sense of honor, but they are as a dragon's tooth in a multitude
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