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(Former Superintendent General and Marine Hospital).
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In the horse you must insert the catheter, and then clip off the hair
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Miss I. W. Mason is Matron and Superintendent of the Hospital.
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There is an immunity from the disease rendered by the fever, but
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Harry C. Solomon, M.D., Instructor in Neuropathology.
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that it is usual for the cholera vibrio to be killed in the presence of
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Anatomy 6. Half-course, afternoons, October and November. Pro-
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I Richard Augustine Rochford, a.b. (Holy Cross Coll.) 1910.
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. The use of the curette should be absolutely discarded in the
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GEORGE S. C. BADGER, M.D., Instructor in the Theory
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any of them having offended her. Finally, ' wasnotinfected with the infantile leucorrhcca
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without much effect; give antiseptics. If the trouble is from poisoning,
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