have him stand high behind in stall for about three days, then the swell-

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of the feet. The eruption remaining on the face is papular and the apex of each

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anthrax and purpural-hsemorrhagica. This germ gets into the red

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Students who have had, before entering this course, a large part of the

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part of the Government and the University has been to promise,

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ing develops gradually without any. previous attacks. Cerebral Soften-

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tions, was extravasatcd; the heart was ex- 1 been administered, and who strenuously de-

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on 1 o irv.i c 1 .• r <nn n,-i/-> ; Consumption of the lun^s . !965

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war broke out between the two nations in 1744, the governor

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some eightor nine year; a tanner will last you nine

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Comparative Pathology 2. Research. Students who have taken Course

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lysin" (read before the Section of Bacteriology, Hygiene and Infectious

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in this country. i These diseases are not only among the most

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sive, and a recess of one week's duration in April.

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Golden, Ross, a.b. {Cornell Coll.) 1912, Boone, la.

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teen cases; July 12th, twenty-four cases; mostly confined to one section

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of deaths for the four weeks comprised in consulted by excluding the midday sun

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of the ear, in making hearing tests and in the determination of disturb-

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after day to extraordinary effort, allowed no rest, no sleep,

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of mucus in the throat, the sensation of a foreign body in the

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Table IV. — Serum from rabbit immunized to Bacillus ll S" (Case 1) incubated at

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but the course of the disease, which is not rapid, tends gradu-

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strikingly similar to that of an acne following comedo. This

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those gentlemen. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary apparatus