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of embryology by learning minutely the entire anatomy of three embryos
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hundred and fifty dollars. In 1906, Arthur T. Cabot, Samuel Cabot,
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strychnine was continued in doses of 1.10 grain in tablet form,
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to disturbance in any other organ, the Palpitation in that case would be
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water; a few drops of Gram's iodine solution is dropped on
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material coming from the surgical clinics are made full use of in the
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mouse instances occurred in which the incubation was reduced to twelve
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Howes, Seth Francis Harrison, a.b. {Colby Coll.) 1914, Southborough
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Examination of the spinal fluid, Wassermann negative. Globulin
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cine. It is expected that each student by frequent opportunity will attain
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Fourth- Year Electives arranged under Departments ... 56
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any appeal for funds as soon as the proper authorities are
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and treatment. Operations and the after-care of major operative cases
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the requirement of one thousand hours of work demanded in the fourth
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cessive stimulant, causing the bile to flow. Foul stagnant water ' is
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(a) Causes; (h) histological changes produced in liver ; (c) what change
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size. The naked child is laid on the mustard sheet, the upper