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phlet ; the Announcements of the several Departments ;

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age. What varying diagnostic significance would this have dependent

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Subacute laryngitis is usually very easily handled, and the same

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of a commission appointed by our own local Government, to

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animals and will include a consideration of the therapeutic uses of the

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Anatomy 1. Assistant Professor Cheever. Half-courses, afternoons,

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1. Describe briefly the reflex arc and the symptoms that may indi-

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Frederic A. Stanwood, M.D., Assistant in Bacteriology.

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MacKenzie. Drs. J. T. Fotheringham, C. N. Foster, E. E. King,

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unsurpassed. Twice a week operations are performed in the presence of

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occurred in January, amounting to 1,037, | Scarlet fever

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heavier; it makes the males of all animals lighter in the forward part.