quently than formerly. It was then resorted to only when

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the Faculty of Medicine of the Toronto Univer^sity, but all other

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9. In considering the occurrence of true parasitism we must never

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given. If restlessness on the part of the habitue is evident, then either

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quizzed each week on their work in the laboratory by the instructors in

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from the decisions rendered by judges of our higher courts it is

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Society of ISTova Scotia. ISTo other provision is made for col-

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Allen, Edward Bartlett, a.m. {Brown Univ.) 1911, Centreville, R. I.

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attitude to hold toward amoebic infection of the intestine in the Philip-

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French, is well known in this country, as j also become the patroness of the Socictes

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cation of sensual lust. In the former case, ; few of which I will here briefly state.

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surgical building. Last year there were three thousand nine hundred ar

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of the University." For further particulars, see page 517 of ihe Harvard

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courses, forenoons, for one month, throughout the year. Boston

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(a) Clinical and laboratory work, half-courses, all day, except Saturday

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ample, bronchitis, etc. There is sometimes frequency of

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the symptoms of Indigestion — as licking the walls, eating his dung, bed-

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of Doctor of Medicine from the Harvard Medical School or other recog-

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correlated with the other objective instruction. The function of the

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ston Prize Medal, for the best dissertation on the results of original

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mitted to the room. He takes great care in washiuir his

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was affected in 30.4: per cent, of the cases. There were move-

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stallion on the penis— as some 'mares get very vicious; or it may' be he

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ment plus an appropriate application of such principles to the