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Ronne, George Emil, a.b. (Brown Univ.) 1914, Providence, R. I.

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juice, composed of pepsin, pure glycerine, hydrochloric acid,

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dozen times, but it was always quickly recognized and never allowed to

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Wigglesworth, of the Class of 1861, M.D. 1865, the yearly income of the

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I Admitted in 1909 as Seniors on loiive of abhence.

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for some five or six hours while the dwelling is disinfected and cleansed.

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Applications for the Bullard Fellowships must be han ^ed to the Dean

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cases 80. ! interments ; on Sunday, 5 ; on Monday, 3 ;

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to be carried on in close cooperation with the clinical courses 'in medicine

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side you can force back the bowel; be very gentle with the hand that is

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mal, and clean stalls with boiling water and a little carbolic acid. In Sheep-

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H. Jackson, and Smith. Thirty-two exercises for each student

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it is due to mal assimilation of the food and the increase of tissue waste.

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Collateral Reading. — Adami, Principles of Pathology. Aschoff,

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law pays one-third of the value of a sound horse for every glanderei

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The courses will be given for two months each, beginning October 1st,

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ing the mechanism of persistent rise of mean arterial pressure,

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but the patient began to have pain " under the Sth, 9tli and 10th ribs

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with bichloride of mercury 1 to 1000. In the bull or ox cut down onto the

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all clinical and sectional teaching especial attention is paid to clinical

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.mation is reduced, is indicated. Maintain the diuretics for ten or fifteen

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The work will consist of investigation by means of animal experimentation

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Queen Hortensia. He followed Louis Na- j by M. Orfila.—yi. Orfila recently read

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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or quill each time. Then there is the Crucial, the T, the Zigzag, and

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Fourth Year. — Yor a description of the fourth-year courses offered m

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Strong circulation. Counter irritants are invaluable in the early part, to

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quest of tliirty-seven thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven dollars

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to the practitioner. The editor. Dr. Herrick, has enlarged on

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Edmund W. Clap, M.D., Instructor in Ophthalmology .

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spleen is enlarged, the appetite poor, the bowels constipated; there is no cough

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lighter in front, so the time should be regulated as to how we want the

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lsemia, . and the nervous system leading' to the localized emphysema

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appeal to public ignorance against the con- f three miles) as will keep back the extremely