serum than it did under other conditions and which no longer united with

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Etiology. — Dr. Baker refers you to page 144 of Dr. Senn's book* or

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This course will include the identification of the etiological factor and

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as a diminished activity of the thyroid, thus lowering the oxi-

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is reached, the disease also spreads much more rapidly throughout the

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Collateral Reading . — Pfaundlerand Schlossmann, The Diseases of Chil-

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2. What is the relation of the nerviduct of the facial to the middle

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5. Differential diagnosis of lupus erythematosus and acne rosacea.

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1. Pain in the abdomen occurring suddenly and usually of a

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B.S.H. = Boston State Hospital (Pierce and Austin Farms).

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of the Academy in 1820, when Portal, the jseuni which bears my name, it is my inten-

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City. We are pleased to announce to his many friends in

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practice is hard work, and no tired, jaded man is capa,ble of

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of any general or marked prevalence of hookworm disease among the

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some disease of the ovaries, and are often spayed when they are virgins. j|

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some of the specimens examined, an almost cholera-like character.

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!N^o one seemed immune. Young 'children, however, were not

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in an appointment which demanded a know- j CAoriaes. — It is stated that amongst the

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Should relief not be obtained in a reasona- Hospital, gayly flitting from tree to tree, and

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a gallant heart. Nova Scotia may indeed claim its share in

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Written and practical tests. Professor Southard and assistants.

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decided on. There were present during the discussion Messrs.

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The cells in the pancreas which produce an internal secre-

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Milton J. Rosenau, M.D., Professor of Preventive Medicine and

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practice to put the horse in slings, as it gives him one" more chance of

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Not later than Octoher 5 in each academic year, any student may pay

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McCrossan, Charles Leo, a.b. 1907, m.d. 1910, Somerville.

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unthrifty, though no swelling is seen on the outside. L,ay your horse

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to about one hundred and fifty dollars, is available in alternate years in

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the granulation becomes a purplish red fungus and bleeds easily; is com-

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days is now considered folly. We amble along the primrose path