Avenue, W.C. New York ; Rebman Company, 1122 Broadway. Toronto :
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student studies and writes upon every evening with the aid of his books.
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Second and Third Years— Lectures. Lectures on selected topics are
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and itching; may stand on one foot and scratch the place with the other.
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The five muscles mentioned are red in health, in disease in this case of.
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who wish to review past studies and for those v/ho wish to keep abreast of
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feeding on hay that contained ergot, and the strong ones fought the
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from the Medical School grounds. The hospital was opened to patients
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of the Cobourg Asylum for Insane. We are told by the
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experimental medical research. Both kinds of work are offered to both
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evening proved to be one of the darkest I ever remember.
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monotony. Another advantage of this method is that it greatly increases
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During the second lialf-year a series of eight lectures will be given at the
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justifiable action for mal-praxis. Believing then, what is now
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the treatment the vision steadily improved and the fields of
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assist to clear the guilty where the crime ^ either through mistake or design, accuse an
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body. You will find large quantities of tube casts, epithelial cells also;
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and methods of prophylaxis, in order that they may be sent out not
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sleep on the previous night. At noon he was very drowsy and
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structure — fat in the hepatic lobula. The pressure, other than the fat,
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(2) Instruction in the technique of medico-legal post-mortem examina-
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upon himself, and he succeeded in inducing a mild coffee
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Wilde, F. R. C. S., Surgeon of St. Mark's; Elements of Medical Jurisprudence ; and,
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Prof. L. P. Yandell, of Louisville. | The Society then went into the election
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unconquered will " rose and stood over the lonely bed of William
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after twenty- four hours; emaciation is rapid in all cases; urine is scant and
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remain in one position too long; give or rather introduce a little atropine
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discover the exogenous character of the disease; he found the germ in
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lous opening, and particles of bone are found floating in the pus; this
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" Is the proposal that the Council approve of the plan and
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much more severe than the operation itself, i dismay of the inhabitants. — Lancet, July 9,
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lying down, as it usually goes back when the mare is standing. These
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in pathological ^,'010! /„ """^ ""^ '^ *<' ^y^t^m^i. course
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curled-up manner. If you make him step on it by taking the other leg
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