attack ever after. Sometimes animals recover from Anthrax, but if the

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Massachusetts General Hospital, Children's Hospital,

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than of the normal ones and would take the* same position which pneu-

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Instruction will consist of ward work, taking of histories, the witness-

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Reduce animal; give plenty of exercise. Tuberculosis is frequently a

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Percy G. Stiles, Fh.T>., Assistant Professor of Physiology.

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Treatment. — Of Acute Indigestion. — These cases are always ur-

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tions may be conceived as an immunizing contest in which each partici-

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seventy. It has marked advantages for the study of syphilis, tubercu-

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' will be uneasiness on the part of the horse; he will look back at the side,

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may be that one hind leg will swell, etc., often producing chronic Bi*

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of bismuth. We take the English setter as the type; this is the size dose

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low tops iiave already put on the olive co- ? exposure, the infant, the aged, and the in-

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cine, and candidates from other institutions may be admitted to advanced'

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before referred. Why are these men ignored?- Why is. a man

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Laboratory exercises. Dr. Hewes and assistants. Three times a S^

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death, and the conclusion was that death resulted from surgical

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Dispensary, the class is divided into small sections.

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preliminary requirements, must devote to approved advanced studies no

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infection is identical in all those parts, the term spotted or lick fever of Montana

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f. The tongue and lips of the spotted-fever case may be dry, cracked and

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bacilli were placed in an incubator at 60° C. for one hour, and plates

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this to be an efficient antiseptic, and used it, in common with

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ment of those who favored the hospital scheme. He and Dr.

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cases admitted, including a study of the history, diagnosis, prognosis, and

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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.

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stant immigration. China has a civilization of thousands of

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nearly always lined with a layer of newly formed tuberculous tissue.

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boat Hero, from Pier No. 3, North River, ; ation, that under its present Constitution,