Sears. (B.C.H.) Once a week, throughout the year. 32
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desire to have the buildings removed and the site added to
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Mesolved, That a copy of ihe above pre- j declared the officers of the Society for the
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Dr. Benedict was much surprised to learn But Dr. Woodward's views had v< ry mate-
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A fee of $150 is charged for tuition, and $5 for matriculation. Of
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further reduction until the prisoners began to be systematically treated
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Symptoms. — The testicle swells, it may be one or both; it may be
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after you have assisted in delivery. Organ becomes swollen is of reddish
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Diagnosis. Simon, Clinical Diagnosis. Emerson, Clinical Diagnosis.
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asis a mixture of urotropin and iridin has a pronounced effect
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Anaemia develops as a result of this inpoverished condition; this is due in
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however, was not officially confirmed. In the meantime,
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on account of the great number of gerins, and this is one of the worst
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suited in such instances, was sent for to i office without oflering bail for the prisoner,
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that it was such a critical subject that it behooved them to proceed
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poppy-head tea." I adopted her suggestion, and she was a
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Great Britain, and 17 per cent, were provincial licentiates.
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the choke is aboye the center. In horses when due to CEsophagismus, if
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h= Messrs. Doisy, Foster, Phelps, and Zucker. Two and. one-
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stances which are the stimulants calling forth the development of im-
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measure. I used them with fear and trembling because of the
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about the joint and beyond the boundaries of the inflammation. Cover
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Personal history. — The patient has at times been fishing in the infected region,
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various organisms frequently or almost invariably found together, may
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additional methods beyond those which have heretofore been used in any
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the m^thodi^ ^^^ reaction of nutrient bouillon determined ? Describe
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that from one in a bovine have been found to be exactly the same.
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Clinics in the following special branches have been established in connec-
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hospital, and pneumonia in the Edinburgh ( of their leaders), proclaim it " far beyond the
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more likely to cause local destructive processes without great menace