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London. Vice-Presidents : Dr. Geo. Herbert Burnham, Toronto ;

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and said a few words intelligently, but with eyes closed ; temp,

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cinal Properties ofourCryptogamic Plants." j State and County Societies. -Is.^cU^ys,

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Several years ago homatropin was highly lauded. As the

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The degree of Master of Arts is open to graduates of the Harvard

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Rockwell A. Coffin, M.D., Instructor in Laryngology .

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WILLIAM H. SMITH, M.D., Instructor in Medicine, 10 Gloucester St.

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Dr. Ferguson said, I do not object to men of wealth being

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day, and prescribe quinine in separate mixture; mix it with glycyrrhiza

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tinct in function. Graves' disease, then, so far from being

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Street, Claudius Augustus, a.b. (Colorado Coll.) 1914, Linville Falls, N. C.

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precaution in case an accident should hap- j plied, and by defeating the agency of the

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patient department of the Massachusetts General Hospital and at the

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ment in connection with the hospital which had been estab-

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was an imperative and an impelling monomania. The world of

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the blood is affected, the faeces is affected if the tick gets into it so the

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died of the effects of the anEesthetic agent. ' cessfuUy that he saved his patient from

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August 3: The patient looks and feels well. The systolic roughening persists

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obstetric cases. The prices will range from $10 to $25 per

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There has been slow but progressive im-< gr. ij, magnes. sulph. gi, ter die sumend. ;

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Trichuris, are the most prevalent forms and that the first probably

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Paraphimosis. — Is the reverse of Phimosis; the penis is out and

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slowly interrupted circulation, in which case the part dies from lack of

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injections of strychnine in increasing doses, beginning with

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Tuberculosis, particularly from drinking the milk of an affected cow.

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the magnitude of the undertaking, seemed to the trustees to

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recent meeting of the Ontario Branch, held in Toronto, Dr.

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that the latter produce bodies (antibodies) which are inimical to the

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breathe easier; these are favorable appearing sign^ but do not always

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two exercises a week. Credit is given for the character of the work done

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that had not been diagnosed. The greater probability was that

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two to six hours advanced after the rigor, but in some cases the breathing

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quiet as possible, to facilitate the healing of i vise some method of paying a lasting tribute