four times its volume of physiological salt solution (0.8 per cent), and divided
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Personal history. — The patient has had the usual diseases of childhood, pneu-
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inference is certainly reasonable that a high tension pulse goes
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because the value of m is somewhat smaller than it should be, but prac-
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departments of the University. Full particulars in regard to these prizes
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Tropical Medicine 1. General Course in Tropical Medicine. Quarter-
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requirements of that inductive and numerical < and vices of the most unscrupulous partizan-
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tion of the retina from the choroid membrane of the eye, and cause-
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Carolina 22 ''"^ ^allva^y Glands in Man and other Ver-
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in May, and in the Montreal cases in June and July. The
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tetramethyl-ether, acetyl-rufigallic acid-pentamethyl-ether and
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with informal discussions of selected problems in physiology. Mondays
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Asepsis and antisepsis in the lying-in chamber. . 5T0
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morrhage, a consultant is informed by the midwife in attendance that
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Toronto, where we are able to deal with all such cases within
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ing to the size of the rupture, death may come in from a few minutes up
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E. and E.I. = Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary.
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in Boston in 1815. In 1906, the Medical School moved into its new quar-
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osseous. Horse may be unsteadj 7 in gait, become afraid, stop, appear
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at the Hospital, and devote his time chiefly to attendance on cases in the
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thus enabling them to fill the periods devoted to these subjects witli elec-
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tion of arthritis, sodium salicylate has been frequently used.
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of blood." It cannot chain the free spirit, and he who can say,
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the investigations into the cause of high tension pulse in many
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From very careful observations no difference could be
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part of us, that mysterious, undefinable, undeniable power for good
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chemistry, organic chemistry, and qualitative analysis; some practice in
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fields of clinical and therapeutical knowledge. In thera-
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beds, with an average daily number of patients of about two hundred arid
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fection, while the others are defective, a close observation con-
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This course consists of laboratory exercises and lectures on the various
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urine was voided, it having to be forcibly expelled by external
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