tion made by Dr. Cullen that the first persons attacked last yaer in

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life; advising regulated exercise, abstinence from alcohol —

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of aconite. With the discontinuance of this drug the urea ex-

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done in cases even of disease of the elbow- ( the joint was just such as is observed in

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there is also enlargement of the pre-auricular and infra-

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tions. For a time mucus diminished, but about a year ago increased

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advantage of this opportunity will be given, in case of sickness, in return

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I think the Greek philosopher saw the glitter of the golden

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appointed, proceeded to discuss the paper! Dr. Patterson had not met with any cases

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duce pressure on the spinal cord. In the bitch, the hind parts seem to

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which was branded under the mane with the French government stamp

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Howard A. Lothrop, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery.

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great deal of difficulty, and it was only overcome through the

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H. A. Blake, S. C. M. G., decided if possible to obtain the cooperation

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Surgery 7. Half-courses, all day except Saturdays and Sundays, for

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from 97.4 to 98.4 — pulse 60 to 80 — respiration 20 to 22. The blood

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then you come to the tunica vaginalis that you don' t cut, so dissect away

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up our guard before we know why we are the object of hos-

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open on the outside. After opening an abscess 'in the mouth, lower

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tures, recitations, demonstrations of surgical pathological material, and

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The Faculty reserves the right to modify the selection of the courses

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point of time, the first of these cases was ^ tious than he was. The medical officer of

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103, and often when the ox has been standing in the sun for a con-

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apparently takes great pleasure while speaking to you, in tell-

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in the body; temperature is low. If babies can be kept alive for eight or

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Next is to arrest. This is done by three means — physical, chemical

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time, excej)t in so far as required by the School curriculum.

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according to the species of snake from which it is collected has been

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Instruction in Clinical Medicine will be given during the fourth year as

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ical clerks or laboratory externes in the Psychopathic Hospital or, under

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milk cows chewing clothes will often let a piece go down the tube.

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first intention. At the post-mortem, peri- | undergoing treatment by compression. The