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If the case is only in the rigor, treat same as any ■ other rigor;

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We quite agree with the Provincial Secretary and earnestly

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lowing interesting statement from Bland Sutton as an addi-

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consideration of the functional light perception of the eye, and

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onnection with the clinical studies and treatment of cases. There is a

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ical studies and treatment of cases. There is a good special library of

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large, sensitive and vascular that they bleed on the least friction; are

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The modification of the haemolytic action by serum was studied,

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Freund exhibited a patient to the " Gesellschaft," who came

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scalp than in most other parts of the body, as it is such a

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experience. I count this part of the plati of treatment in

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William Edward Roche McMahon, a.b. {Holy Cross Coll.) 1910.

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August 2: The patient was this morning brought to hospital for the first time

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receive instruction and will be examined from time to time in the per-

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down; but the longer the story, the older the rearrangement

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but if the patient is very exhausted, feeding with meat extract

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established by Poutrincourt, under a grant from de Monts,

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artery; then introduce your trocar about half its length, then pull out the

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which is impossible when D and C are variable, even with any values

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learns of what activity an organ or tissue is capable, next how certain

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Pennsjlvauia State Medical Society, . . . 97 ! Cholera at Moscow 100

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or the guttural pouch, or may affect the lymphatic glands. Usually one

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from its introduction into the alimentary canal. We think Paster

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tate to state that the advice contained in this book upon these

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sharply emphasizes the fact that the absence of direct, acute manifesta-

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Clinical instruction is given in these cases by the physicians to out-

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Under this Commission research on cancer problems has been carried

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upper three floors of the Administration Building. Its Curator is Dr.

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students needing assistance. The next assignment in the Medical School

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ling energy. Dr. Gould's list includes such names as Carlyle,

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To present a certificate that he has satisfactorily served as a surgical

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for exploration, and again permit me to quote from Bland

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Long Island Hospital, Boston Harbor. — This Hospital is designed

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dollars, "is to be given annually as a scholarship to a deserving student

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disinfectant for instruments and hands, but a valuable deter-

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ep it strong from the start, and if whisky does not do it, give digitalis,

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