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usually from kicks, or injuries in a box stall; Capped Knee, from falling,,

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The technique used in the first two cases was also employed in this

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the citizen body for subscriptions for a sum which will give

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four, forty-eight, or more hours, they begin to produce a chemical prod-

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value <>f the different preparations of food.

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appetite usually remains good. Some people think this is so sure a sign

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Clyde Hadrian Teaman, s.b. {Univ. of Wisconsin) 1910

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he tried to take food or medicine. Did not pass any urine for 3 days

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Rypins, Russel Franklin, a.b. {Univ. of Minnesota) 1916, St. Paul, Minn.

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Senator's clear style, systematic arrangement of facts, and

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greater or less extent, and the animal matter in excess, due to a replace-

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m an increase of viscosity with excessive friction in the blood

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sisted until now the daily dose of sulphate of magnesia has

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the early diagnosis and treatment of acute cases ; Dr. Lovett directs the

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with were at first very suggestive of true diphtheria, but on

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ce a month. The name Moon Blindness was given it because many

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Leyte were examined and 6 had paragonimiasis ; 127 prisoners from the

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I; ibid. (1901), 36, 9. Emmerich: Vcntrbl. f. BakterioL Orig. (1902), 32,

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during the convalescence, and to make full written reports of the cases.

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pricks that hardly lame the animal. Nicolaier, 1884, was the first to

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demonstrations and experiments are in connection with the subjects Avhich

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Ky., " On the Use and Eflfect of Applica- jteer Communications was changed to that

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James Ewing Mears Gift in Medicine. Dr. J. Ewing Mears

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drate, and repeat; this to be given in the mouth. The straining makes

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was slight enlargement of the heart ; a distinct systolic and diastolic

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the internal lateral ligament becomes relaxed and the muscles on the ex-

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suited from exhaustion. A case operated ; have become much more feeble than they

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avoid extremes as to heat and cold, and also to fly time.

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ganisms in many cases of diphtheria complicated by streptococcus infec-

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en trie is what might be called direct, due to external injuries, perhaps

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you have degenerated, and it requires but very little study to

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This treatment can also be given in cases where the patient

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ists alone, but Orthotonos is the most common. There are some forms

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1020) ; it contains a large quantity of albumen (50 per cent).

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of potassium ? I do not hesitate to say that j were materially diminished; the vomiting

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