on observations made by the students in laboratory experiments. The
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■ it is in the thoracic part. In cattle Tympanitis sometimes occurs; in most
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to hospitals in and about Boston for terms of service varying from six
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t Has completed work in Harvard College for the Bachelor's degree.
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Taylor, Roy Arnold, m.d. {Tufts Med. Sch.) 1906, Waltham.
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Treatment. — Very unsatisfactory to treat, very difficult to do
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fumigate and whitewash the stable inside. During convalescence give
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pital funds, and these representatives, all desirous of having
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. secretion of bile will, of course, be interfered with. Then the absence of
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about ten days, when it will heal. If it is necessary, clip off the hair, but
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first half-year, but no student may begin tliese courses later than October 1st.
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examination, and in the examination of urine, blood, sputum, and gastric
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possible to discuss with him their financial needs. The Director will also
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upon the l4ih of October last, were placed Association.
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Instruction is by demonstrations, dissection, the study of frozen
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doses by prostration. We had formed a high opinion of the
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in the old it may take twelve weeks. When well, let the animal dcwn
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illaries. The cells are epithelial in type, and of same origin
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in the Academy as honorary President. J for me to state that, by giving 12,000 dollars
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Father 'died at fifty-six of Bright's Disease. Mother, sixty-three*
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curs. This condition may be properly | give way, and for the same reason we should
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isting blood vessel, as the Tumor grows the blood vessel enlarges to sup-
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