for subsequent treatment? Describe in some detail the measures

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chief is good to remove such things as grain, chaff, dust, etc. After you

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The following table shows the haemolysis produced in the blood cor-

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Toronto in 1906; it was decided to hold the meeting of the

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only a matter of the same laws controlling development, so that in one

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of U. S. Army, Bolton and Atkinson, of| that the I'ormal administration of a pledge,

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will be less than in the Intestinal Flatulency; he sweats more or less, erup-

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ROBERT B. OSGOOD, M.T>., Assistant in Orthopedics,

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ment is to be paid on or before January 31. All charges for breakage,

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Treatment. — In case of Greenstick fracture, or partial fracture, cold

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infecting station, these articles being tied up into bundles with large

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history and peculiar macular and papular form should be

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not reach the air vesicles on account of the occlusion of the bronchi and J

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tailed the whole circumstance of the con- / and police doctor, committed for trial and

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Lectures and recitations on physical diagnosis. Dr. Robey. (P.B.

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the actions of the animal — the cow will stand with all her feet in a bunch,

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An extra fee is required for the use of material in laboratory, dissecting

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The greatest number of cases, 18, occurred between the ages of 25 and

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they are lenceolate in shape and tend to form short chains,

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the chief and essential symptomatic manifestation of which is

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on the glans penis as well as in the end of the urethra; frequently in

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F. Robertson Sims, M.D., Assistant in Neuropathology .

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or trouble that upsets the equilibrium of the sympathetic nerve system;

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for the degree of Doctor of Public Health must spend not less than one

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dre'sL^rtT: sixif rpir :: "^^ --^-'-^'-^ -^^ - ^ ^^.=-1

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visits were made by patients at this public charity during the past year.

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Denny, Francis Parkman, a.b. 1891, m.d. 1895, Brookline.