in the rales and dull sound, but she complained of the sputum which did not occur

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A tenth injection of 10 mg. was given on July 20, which produced a slight feeling

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cient for a cure. The mild galvanic current, blistering along the nerve-

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I shall describe briefly the effect of the preparation upon the lesions

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hot, refusing to eat or drink for twelve or twenty-four hours. How

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Juency, 155, small, somewhat chorded, not intermittent ; nostrils

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prove; and this favorable state was still further promoted by a

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ness of the surface of the body, and pulse scarcely perceptible. In

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administered to such an extent as to destroy the consciousness of

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the threshold of cellular irritability. In the first case, the advent

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stitution, during the months of July, August, and September, there

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Samuel Jackson, M. D. Professor of the Institutes of Medicine in

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well to express by a word independent of such a theory ; and Zy-

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Cases 1, 2, and 3 were extensive renal tuberculosis, bilateral, and

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" Dr. CaiT, in the Buff. Med. and Surg. Jour., Jan., 1881.

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these, six pursued the regular coarse and were successful, fifteen

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sore, the nearest lymphatic glands indurate and enlarge but rarely suppu-

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infant, it was a week old, and exhibited the symptoms of trismus

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own observation, and were! carefully recorded at the time, would

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the operation had been conducted. There is abundant evidence re-

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cations to us from the other State Examining Commit-

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ities, about 4 per cent, of fat, while mare's milk (

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ing, lancinating, and crushing pains, which are irregular and liable to

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second class of cases demonstrate, in Dr. Burwell's opinion, the

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Text-Fig. 4. The increase in tidal air in normal decerebrate dogs (upper

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That so far (a period' of two months) has been the end of the

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Thus the fact established by Forssman becomes particularly salient

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red to by Dr. Channing, in which ether or chloroform were used,

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disease is direct and well established,^ but is by no means constant, as many

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a modification of Magendie's ointmtnt, I will give it

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