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is generally followed by a variable interval of freedom from symptoms,
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Ktiology. — The diffuse form has, in part, a special etiology. It may
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action. The dose is gr. J (0.016) every four hours, and the drug may
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to belong to a neurotic group, the general health often being good, or
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which virtue consists, persecution is the excess and indifference
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told the import of each bill to the homoeopathic physician and the
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The secretions are often increased, though at first they are lessened ;
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Its fibers are distributed to the tonsils, the back of the tongue, the
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serum. The exudation usually begins about the origin of the great ves-
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limiting the dietary to liquids, and by predigesting them if they are not
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mation. The aff"ected nerve becomes red and swollen. The sheath be-
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