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heretofore employed in the treatment of bone-defects after sequestrotomy and

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his profession, he was scarcely ever perplexed by the most difficult case

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ointments as diachylon or a soothing diachylon soap plaster like Klotz's.

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Gandy, Charles M., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps.

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may have a powerful antiseptic having little disin-

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recovery from the operation, dying from cancer nine months afterward at her

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The apex-beat was in the sixth interspace, diflfuse, and only located by

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teur's filters, on the other hand, while clean, have, like clean sand, no power

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Finally, I wish to state that true cases of hysteria

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Dog 16. Long hair; weight, seventeen pounds; temperature before

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great weakness and sometimes faintness would be experi-

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and believe that the "excess" of haemoglobin disappears as a conse-

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nervation are remedied by such means, local treatment may prove in-

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points : (1) In all cases of doubtful itching skin disease, persistent, not

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of aconite, internally, in neuralgia ; of sparteine as

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widely followed, points out that the use of glycerin-jelly as a means of mount-

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tion. It is not confined to the remote districts, the

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caused death of the injected animals in from twenty-four to forty-eight hours ;

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cases in which the patients took treatment, one was

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sores as pure stick of silver nitrate. For shrinking

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We carry only quality merchandise proven and tested by actual use by the

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which term he designates those adjustments of artificially induced dis-