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Part a remained unfiltered, b was passed through a Berkefeld filter

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After two failures to pass a practical examination, each student must

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tage, and when they are dry, the dry whistling. In acute cases, as

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in the out-patient department ; Thursday and Friday afternoons the class

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porate, called the " Provincial Medical Board," consisting of

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the result of this goitre, dyspnoea, with marked prominence of the

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order of dissection is as follows : — body- wall ; lower extremity ; thoracic,

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shall simply give back to Caesar what was his, lost property

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Sombra,- for the County of Lambton ; Dr. J. Lane, of North

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disease completely disappears, although there is considerable change in

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ERNEST E. TYZZER, M.D., George Fahy an Professor of Compara-

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HARRY A. BARNES, M.D., Instructor in Laryngology , 205 Beacon St.

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of the testicle and drain off. The best thing to do is to remove, the testi-

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from dietetic causes, and gives the same cause as for broken wind. There

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