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other tropical countries. Reports from Vienna in 1894 show many cases
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from the onset of the angina faucium, and seldom after a week or eight
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be partially true, but not entirely ; inasmuch as it is difficult to correlate
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a principle. He immunised hens with weakened cultures of the B.
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tion, in showing that the peculiar condition of the brain present, was one
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of mammary carcinoma, whilst the free removal of the rectum is followed
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that in fever, even when there is no visible perspiration, the thermolysis
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stantly, and trembles and twitches; equally serious is the delirium in
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gated by massage; for instance, the flushing so often complained of in
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white, the ptyalism continued, though in a less degree, and the breath
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give the indications which render an operation likely to be successful.
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simple, but it is too simple ; and Hankin evidently relies on a guinea-pig
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bodies which possess the power of reducing temperature in fever, and
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pointed out by Stokes ; or the first and second sound become very simi-
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another patient that we were going to see that afternoon, if reminded of it.
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with slight swelling of parts of the extremities, has been described.
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ducing processes, in such a way as to maintain a constant temperature ;
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some neglect of one or two other features that are probably not less
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by means of a tube through the nose, and by nutritious enemata. The
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the pain, in irritation of the sensory nerve roots. Numbness and
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by which the stomach and intestines were evacuated thoroughly ; but
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of the capillaries. Relaxation of the skin is often manifested in sleep
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