looks out of health; the tongue is almost ; without penetration, which is scarcely pos-

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variably, also, a bacteriological examination of the secretion

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has grown during the last thirty-five years with marvellous

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lung shows slight increase of tactile fremitus, and here and there a

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Cause of the Frequent Reappearance of Cholera in the Phil-

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and treatment. Operations and the after-care of major operative cases

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from the Contingent Fund for the purpose of after-care.

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Hospital, the Boston City Hospital, and several of the special hospitals.

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Wednesday. Last day for receiving applications from studcmts

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James B. Ayer, M.D., Instructor in Neurology and Assistant in Neuro-

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petroleum. The use of carbolic baths, benzine, oil of peppermint and

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Otology 1. Half-courses, forenoons, throughout the year.

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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times each, in March, April, May, and June ; twice each, in

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These courses are chiefly clinical in character; but in addition to the

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9. In considering the occurrence of true parasitism we must never

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days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the morning. Physicians

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collar, the part often gets pinched or bruised. These Tumors are deep

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80; 38 were over 90; and 7 were between / long present qui'e a different aspect, while

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The earth is without frost, and our rivers j that to animals no less than to vegetables,

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illy. It includes first, all.the astringents, all the caustics, and actual

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discussed in lectures and theses. The lectures, about ninety in number

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contrary, properly restricted in interpretation, it is an excel-