LEEHINQ, MILES & CO., Montreal, Selling Agents for Canada.

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on account of the, exercise due to the spasms; bowels irregular, mostly

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aggravated the pain tendernes^s, and dffi ulty o7respiratfon T thTt

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cent of 1,249 persons to be infected; the next highest, 10.98 per cent, was

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erally associated with Hog Cholera, to a greater or less extent.

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they require little or no special treatment, except good hygiene as to diet;

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an ulcer with high rolled edges and a dirty floor, I do not be-

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That the conscientious, resourceful operator will be bound

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of matter in the colon, which gave rise to to the bowel, or there is a severe attack of

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versity, London, and for a time acted as surgeon on an Allan

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Collateral Reading . — Sternberg. Heim. Migula. KoUe and Wasser-

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terns finally displaced the product of the original maker, so

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quarter-courses. A half-course occupies the entire day for one month

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lars, for Tumors will often develop, no matter how well the operation is

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been discharged. j was performed at two distinct places by Mr.

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in about forty-five minutes, when death takes place. Convulsions seldom appear.

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been discharged. j was performed at two distinct places by Mr.

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the child is very hot, cold water may be quickly poured over

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The electives of the fourth year are given as half-courses, quarter-courses,

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ment, diag-nosis, urinary analysis, etc., so as to increase the

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As we are constantly called upon to) Dr. Pinckney, U. S. N., made a state-

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some eases there is lameness in the right shoulder; if not relieved, death

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severe than that of 1905, while the fact is, which is not generally known,

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istic of the pulse, in addition to its frequency, is it is quite hard in com-

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FREDER,^K H V ' -^*''"'<''«' Professor of Pathology.

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Besides dissections and serial sections of many bones, the anatomical

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up with the carbolized oil and cover over; dress once or twice a day, and

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a few moments before was a mere corpse, > . , , n . ,

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but females not so often. In females, prolapsus of the utefus causes

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irfrt-dt no' lov^-ati'^''''^ ^^"^^' ^*'^«»' *eerfu. and readily

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show; but if the wound remains open and the air gets into it, it take

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This remarkably comprehensive and compact presentation of

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merous cases were then adduced by ihej Or. H. Corson, on Medical Jurisprudence,

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arm. There is a remarkable lessening of strength, more

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fectious. The second stage is characterized by an aggravation of all the

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Semeiology. — Eyelids swollen more or less;, the extreme sensitive-; ;i