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ihscess in the cellular tissue underneath the skin. It contains a black
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wards. One most prolific cause is throwing an Anthrax carcass c
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Hunt, Robert Bates, a.b. {Clark Univ.) 1907, Brockton.
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acquired, and a new hospital was erected and opened in 1854.
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running on to miasma, faulty nutrition, blood poisoning, and death from
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member by invitation from that State. Car- ; report received from Dr. S. D. Gross, of
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ment. These great Big Tegs are often due to Lymphangitis. One at-
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tions and giving full directions to the patient : —
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Lectures on applied therapeutics. Professor Sears. (H.M.S.) Once
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System. Butler, Diagnostics of Internal Medicine. Le Fevre, Physical
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importance from the view point of clinical medicine and public hygiene,
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Gastric and intestinal ruptures, with passage of food into the abdominal
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pass the the pores of the Pasteur-Chamberland filter. Although there
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Medical Association, who has constantly jStitution, and some of the amendments which
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In the December Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryn-
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a cervical gland, proved to be hemorrhagic pleurisy from
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, present I^ew Brunswick, and, indeed, for a long time, the name
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while for tubercular hemorrhagic pleurisy there may be all
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TheCollis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital. ~Thi, Hospital is being
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JoH^ L. Morse, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics.
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to the poison of Er}'sipelas; and following parturition, fatal Metritis
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contained in any of the dissertations to which premiums may be
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William T. Councilman, M.D., LL.D., Shattuck Professor of Patho-
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the splints. Keep weight of the animal off the lame leg; a good way is
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no operative procedure had been performed upon the uterus,
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departments, a limited number of students may be permitted, on con-
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the necessary proficiency to enable him to utilize these methods in the
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The tongue is somewhat dry, red at the margins, and has a thick, yellowish white,
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Diabetes Insipidus (Polyuria).— 1^ excessive urination; this is
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occurs in young animals. If the fracture is complete, get the horse into
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the income derived therefrom, amounting to one hundred dollars, " is to
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dilatation without cutting of the tissues, and dilatation with
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tumor was removed from the right lobe of the thyroid. There was, as
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tions, the more we do become convinced that its true criterion
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This one symptom, insomnia, must be controlled always.
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