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" I have not enumerated a tenth of the kinds of doctors who
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firmed as such. Contagion is unknown in either disease.
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Francisco before having anything done. I saw him on the
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course of studies of his year, except by special permission of the
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all the requirements for undergraduates above mentioned, but he may
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ary to put this proceeding in force. It is / It might have appeared to those who saw it,
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the Faculty to give two or more lectures with illustrations to the third and
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he is incompetent for his Avork, or for any reason lie is unfitted to con-
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M. E. Gowland, (8) A. G. McPhedran, (9) W. Roberts, (10) C.
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the Boston City Hospital. The afternoons will be spent at the Labo-
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to citizens of Toronto and to all classes erf citizen^, for it touches
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for the whole Faculty when I say that we shall be honored and
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just been shaved, when a gentleman ex- diiion of the pulse while c^hloroform is being
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of the Rocky Mountain region, and as it has not been determined that the same
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intestinal worms among the people, and we can scarcely escape the conclu-
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Hall, Francis Cooley, litt.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Brookline
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And what can I say of Dr. Wm. Scott Muir? I may say,
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facility for research which the laboratory affords. ^
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its introduction; Pasteur says inoculation with mild virus will give in
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S. BoRT WoLBACH, M.D., Associatc Professor of Bacteriology and Pa-
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obtained from the Secretary of the Faculty or from the Bursar. No
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The Philippine Agricultural Review, a newly established publi-
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ing as are needed for the persons so detained, and having thus provided
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cause of chorea, and another, a little later, states that "chorea
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constabulary (not the metropolitan police). ( mission of the crime. He told me that he
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brief review is given of the anatomy required for grasping the pathological
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Pathology 3. Half-courses, mornings or afternoons, second half-year.
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abdomen this tumor was found to be in the upper part of the
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to plague. It is a fact that oilmen and dealers in oil never suffer from
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carry on research work in Radio-active siibstances, and their preparation
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had such onerous duties to perform during 1 maculated spots which appear upon the sur-
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tion is situated. My own experience leads . ing portion of the sigmoid colon. Beyond
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reflex from vaginal manipulation, a patient dying immediately
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