it quite possible that they were the same. Consequently, when he

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bore a striking resemblance to a chancre and was thought by

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Claudius M. Jones Scholarship, with an income of three hundred

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These courses will be given in the Laboratory for Surgical Research

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successive generations of the organism, the infections become milder.

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least prevent its spread, provision should be made so that

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work at one or the other hospital. During May twelve surgical hours, in

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the condition of the animal. A Tumor should be viewed as a whole by

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the chances are he will vomit up the matter which may show streaks of

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hibit such varied cultural and agglutinative characters when growing

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hospitals in which teaching is done will be found on pages 26-29 of this

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gives values agreeing entirely with those calculated and this also sub-

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the Faculty of Medicine the Toronto University, but all

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of the Association." ' The average temperature of this month,

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bronchial below the ui)])er level of dulness both in hack and in front. The

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utero-sacral ligaments are also relaxed, very little benefit can

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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necessary to keep a herd in quarantine, all agree on at least three months,

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ters of the microorganisms investigated. At the same time attention will

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a sworn follower of .^sculapius, he will render^ those services

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causing a stricter investigation into such J that all these conditions may exist, and yet

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pathology ; (h) attendance at post-mortem examinations, and the fixation

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-xammation an.l diagnosis. Treatment will be discussed with

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so much improved that it may now be used without difficulty

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On February 28, 1912, degrees were conferred as follows: —

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are to perform. Have your instruments, sponges, antiseptics, ansesthet- , '

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Abraham Myerson, M.D., Associate in Neuropathology .

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bloody, and is passed with pain — that is the time of contraction of the

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have a preference for the vaginal route undoubtedly find that

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ity, and abortion most often associated ? To what extent and under