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MYLES STANDISH, M.D., Williams Professor of Ophthalmology.
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HAROLD C. ERNST, M.D., A.M., Professor of Bacteriology.
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appointed by the chiefs of the army and some discussion, the Chairman decided on
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While at the post-phase of agglutination the total quantity of agglu-
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to abound in colostric globules. This de- | riments, he sought a red colouring matter,
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XXXVIII. Phalen, James M., and Nichols, Henry J. Blastomycosis of the
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a square of sterile gauze, and the specimen were transferred to the labor-
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Barrick, Wm. Britton, G. G. Boyd, H. A. Bruce, G. H. Bum-
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Section teaching. Each student attends 12 exercises in !
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subconscious ego only, but the leaven of action will later rise
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give same medicines in larger doses; if not sufficient, give chloral hydrate
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Massachusetts General Hospital, Children's Hospital,
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if he has Rabies he will die in a few days; if not, then you can judge if
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give more exercise. In the case of trotters or livery horses, usually it
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enough had been given, to justify the doubt, | 'o '"s death by foul means; this, however,
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instructor. In these discussions the laboratory experiments are correlated
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Military Surgeons <>\ the National Guard <>t the
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1 fourth-year class will be taken into the laboratory from October first to
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until his financial relations with the University have been arranged satin
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your forceps, and with the left hand in the rectum manipulate till you catch
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resultant of forces acting in the past, and the diversity of opera-
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nosis of organic diseases : lectures and demonstrations, {b^ Pathological
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Laboratory. — Students will be instructed and exercised in the chemical,
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degree above normal. The joint trouble gradually subsided,
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and causes a dilation of ihe arteries and artioles, then, as a result of
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incomes named above, are awarded to deserving students, preferably those
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Howard, Arthur Allison, ph.b. (Bro^ Univ.) I90o ""°«'°"' ^'^^
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and 2 of them teachers. Fourteen of the fifty were unmarried,
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occurs in young animals. If the fracture is complete, get the horse into
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given in the special pathology of neurology and surgery ; the courses
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inary objects, like a man in the Delirium Tremens. If anything comes
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Canada, and commenced practice in Montreal. He possessed
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Frank B. Mallory, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology.
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* Delivered before the senior class of the Michigan
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change, but the right auriculo ventricular opening is enlarged. The whole arch
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psychical element is evident from the frequency of fright,
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Hall, Francis Cooley, litt.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1913, Brookline
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I d(i not believe that any individual case of neurasthenia