very seldom composed of the same tissue as where they grow. Tumors
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this trouble; sometimes the gravel shuts off the passage entirely. I have
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tain paragraph credited to the Bosto7i Jour- of science.
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than either leucorrhcea or gonorrhoea, at (of the excoriation and eruption upon the
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(even if medicine is a jealous mistress), in allied interests,
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of the graduate instruction throughout the year, which had previously
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inflammation fades imperceptibly into the healthy tissue of the lung and
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examinations and fulfil all requirements of laboratory and practical work
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hospital administration, (c) Dresser's Service at the Haymarket Square
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of birth — a sure indication of subsequent hypertrophy.
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(b) That they have a reading knowledge of French or German.
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saliva mainly, and also in the faeces and urine; but there has been no
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the canal, as in three cases that have hap- 1 with opium — say eight or ten grains of calo-
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But, as a rule, there is great difficulty in- inducing corpora-
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operative and non-operative cases, to receive instruction in diagnosis and
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it into two parts, part A and part B. Part A he passed through a large, close-
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O'Connor, Michael John, a.b. {Holy Cross Coll.) 1915, Providence, R. I.
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Grace and the Western — it is more necessary now on account of
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the direction of Assistant Professor J. B. Blake, all day, for a month,
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■.disease. Antoher way is through the food — eating infected meats and
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to routine teaching and unthinking or ignoiant belief. It is a
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In melancholia we have, no matter what the subtype, a constant
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out on the roof of the verandah, where he fainted, or lost his
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Case V. — Tran Luan, 24 years of age, from the village of Van-Khau (Prov-
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will of Mrs. William O. Johnson, in memory of her husband, William
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give each of you access to every private and semi-private
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to the urethra, but may be transferred to any part of the body, producing
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per to remark, that March, June, Septem- / gives one out of every 8tj deaths during the
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similarly affected will lie down. Temperature in the earty part might
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Hippuric. Hippuric is more common' in the lower animals, and the Uric
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purgative or laxative action, and W. Ebstein has experimented
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Pox. It has a tendency to spread, and often quite rapidly; it may be
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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered
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always dangerous. The patient's hand should never touch the
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Sam^mer School of Medicine. — Dr. Robert M. Green {Chairman and
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increased, so that it interferes with the circulation of the blood. In the
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tion give small doses of stimulating tonic, as iron; if they will eat, give
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H. Jackson, and Smith. Thirty-two exercises for each student