reasons. This lady had been wearing lenses prescribed for

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fund. Since that time other sums have been contributed for cancer re-

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On June 1 Nguyen van Ky was inoculated under the skin of the arm with

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Medicine; that is to say, ^^'^^'^f^fZeZlZei to . co.r... t^.e

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■ or bran. Apply antiseptic once or twice a day, and ice poultices con-

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ination of the vesicles, whether single or multiple celled,

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hands in warm . running water using soap and a scrubbing

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sound in the bladder is no advantage. The uterus is the land-

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President : Abbott Lawrence Lowell, ll.b., ll.d., ph.d.

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death, has occurred. It is also said that recurrence of displace-

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itic types, some of them associated with circumscribed exuda-

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discussed in lectures and theses. The lectures, about ninety in number,

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on subjects selected as being best studied in this way, and exercises in

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causes the horse to bolt his food! In the horse there will be anxiety of

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same nature of the part that the wound occurred in; the bone is partly

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Like the Sybil with her precious scrolls, Hygeia comes to

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mushi disease and therefore it seems advisable to refer to them again

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Toronto ; Dr. Donald MacGillivray, Toronto ; John Campbell

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of the anus and leave in two or three days. In case the protruded bowel

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Alexander S. Begg, Instructor in Comparative Anatomy.

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J. Dellinger Barney, M.D., Assistant in Genito- Urinary Surgery.

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Family history. — Negative as regards this disease.

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But the mean of this month for 1851 rose J our bodies, habitually, or for a lengthened

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The thirty-first annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley

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curs only in persons afiected by lead. In ) lieved ; but it returned the next day (July

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are dealt with by notice. The compensation in the case of Chinese is

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v and half beast; they were also called the Woodland-bucks. This dis-

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companied with fever or inflammation. There are two kirlds — Spasmodic

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and it will be interesting to see what effect these measures will have on

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As we are constantly called upon to) Dr. Pinckney, U. S. N., made a state-

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first removing their furniture and afterwards clearing away the debris;