who settled at Lunenburg, and it is uncertain whether he re-

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of the worst cases I have seen showed under the microscope

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measurements were: >p. i . _• . :n .; cr. il.,

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until the evening of September 6th, when, he suddenly became

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show it. The eruption consists of irregular, rather faint, dusky or pink'

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President of the College. j caped. He had noticed the irritation of the

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greater advantage tht::::, hrr^'"™'^ '"^ ^""^'^^ *» "^ ■»-"

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put to her by the magistrate. This may Sallowing those residing in the lane to get

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the knife blade, about yi of the humor, or till it becomes soft. Nothing

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high colored and scanty, and there is great lassitude, and the mucous

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cases, and will follow the after-care and convalescence of such cases as

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who graduated thirty-nine years ago supposed to be' better

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the third stage there is a complete hepatization; cut this lung across

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any foreign substance. There was no reaction at the site of the inoculation.

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amount of complications with the disease. One feature particularly, is

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Instruction in clinical dermatology will be given at the Massachusetts

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students. Information about these courses may be obtained from Pro-

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areas scattered over trunk. Hb. 85% ; Avhite count 17,600. Urine, high,

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of the lectures being rather to expand and coordinate the knowledge

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2. Significance of exaggerated knee-jerk, (a) Without ankle clonus;

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Etiology. — Is usually the introduction of some foreign body into the ■.,•

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by the Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Medicine.

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and G. P. Turner. ; ishing change. Let us enter into his family

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itself as vaccinia, which differs from smallpox, and human variola can

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Treatment. — Is useless; quarantine the herd. Illinois law places

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water still covers the range and it may be submerged for two or three

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The man had been found on the railway embankment already in full pyrexia.

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The specimens of distilled water condemned were almost without

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small, newly-formed vessels which nourish the tumor. In

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vestigation must be carried further, and we i principle this is done it may be difficult to

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for retro-deviations of the uterus than any other method known

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What should you say as to the probable nature of the original tumor;

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received the innovation, and at a time when nurses' training

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turition to have lately occurred. The girl, j without injury resulting. He had some dif-

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Assistant Professor White. (H.M.S. and M.CJ.H.) Ecery oilier

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pathological lesions ; (<i) research work in any line which a student

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spleen, the pancreas, the kidneys and the intestines, we readily

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forceps were used to deliver a 10-lb. child, who presented in

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The next session of the Medical School begins September 23, 1912 All

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autopsy, and it is for the most accurate histological research