Towards the necessary funds the present trustees offer to

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Hutchinson, RoUo Wilson, a.b. {Dartmouth Coll.) 1913,

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hypnotism free use has been made of the works of Bernheim,

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the Rocky Mountains). J. Infect. Dis. (1904), 1, 31.

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Mt later than October 10 in eacl. academic year, any student may pay

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was bled to death on the eighth day after inoculation. (See Chart No. 7'.)

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these institutions, in several cheap faculties, have given the

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become enlarged and tender. So far as could be learned in Japan, Balz's

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Detachment of the Retina. — In case of excessive hemorrhage, it

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burgh they leave it almost unaltered, giving between five and six times as great in the

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You will probably ask this question more frequently

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horse' will be stiff, sometimes very stiff and lame; sometimes only one side

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table, has suffered from some form of tuberculosis. This

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to the excitatory and inhibitory effects in mental diseases.

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by tumors cutting in the duct, or at its mouth. Fifth, by pressure on.

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for the neurological parts of courses in internal medicine and in surgery.

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combining ratio of agglutinin and agglutinable substance varies accord-

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Massachusetts General Hospital, Children's Hospital,

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as characteristic of tsutsugamushi disease are the ulcer at the site of

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In j)lace of a text-book, original j)ul)lications will be used. At the

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shivering sets in, accompanied by a slight opisthotonus. Death takes place after

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yield to treatment, but the more severe ones, where the covering is af-

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This course is intended for students who elect two months of surgery

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Do.n and P.KCV Bkow.. Afternoons from 3 to I p.m. at the Chi dren s

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results of the ingestion of bacteria or of toxins are not conclusive.

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bacillus, it is interesting to note that cultures of the organism obtained

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be described as a national characteristic, and that is our tolerance

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theatres. The teaching is more advanced, with greater stress on thera-

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rabbits, and cats. The cats were not affected at all.

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approximate tissues, from scalding drenches or caustic substances in the,

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This is a course in which the three parts of the body are to be dis-

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glass preparation from each specimen and if no infection was detected

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some such association to be necessary for the propagation of amoebae under

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may be put down as the only cause; after the rupture inflammation begins

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learns of what activity an organ or tissue is capable, next how certain

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They are so arranged that they may be themselves combined in different

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