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Practice of Surgery. DaCosta, Modern Surgery. Keen's Surgery

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tations to such levels in the social scale as he and his felloAvs

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every known phase of abnormal nerve-centre conditions, struc-

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glutinated, although it grew readily in the new medium. This line of

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lence in social and public affairs. In their organized capacity

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true statistical basis for the general population. Dobson and Feamside,

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oric in every case, though he may look thin in flesh. The exciting cause

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Dr. D. W. McPherson, of Toronto, to Miss Margaret Sloane.

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have generally found that young men of two ; the course of time, and, under favourable

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income of this fund is to be devoted to the care in hospital of persons

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Toronto, where we are able to deal with all such cases within

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uteri, yielded very happily to the treatment j Various views were entertained as to the

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in this wa3' it permits the wound to heal up from the bottom, and keeps

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smaller; the desire for food and water remains good, bowels inactive

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Reed, Carroll, Agramonte and Lazear. The etiology of yellow fever: A pre-

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medical men, should see does not occur. My opinion is that

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ratepayer, not as a medical man. We had some difficulty in

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one day of yellow fever was CO, and of all On Saturday (August 21) there were six

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organs; the nervous system is disturbed, particularly the sympathetic

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convalescence and post-operative treatment. Students will also be required

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continued four days, the virulence fell on the fifth below 0.01, and the

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Medical Superintendent of the largest hospital in the Pro-

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the disposal of the local authorities. Thus you will earn for

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3. Describe Imperative Ideas, pointing out the essential elements com-

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cough was slight and there was no pain. For the last two years he

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mopped out with gauze. Very frequently then the appendix

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union has taken place all closure of the lids should be aban-

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posed to strong daylight. We can, howver, compare our own

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McGui.e, J h Hoshal, ....'.Eureka Coll.) 1911, eZTuI "^ ''

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tion, and dilatation of the myocardium. Perforation of the myocardium and of

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cooperation between amoeba* and bacteria in the production of dysentery.

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from the foot, and have a bar turned, up across this extension with a hole' .

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drip out for two or three days, but. do no harm; put on wet or dry anti-

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with one another and with the body of physiological knowledge. Supple-

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Experimental Transmission of Rocky Mountain spotted fever by means of