small red is the other extreme; while degenerating it becomes small, red,
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logical Society. Containing 1831 formulas from the best known authorities.
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tural and nion-structn.ral ; and that very many varieties of
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Lectures. Asst. Professor Coolidge, assisted by Drs. Goodale, Mosher,
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years. On March 3rd, 1905, he came to me with an affection
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whether all the anomalous cases of acute; was not the verdict of the jury, and he felt
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The specific agglutinins developed in animals through inoculation of this
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anaesthetic; then feed on soft light diet.- If the animal is affected ';
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has a capacity of sixty-seven beds. Operations are performed on Tues-
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candidates for the degree of M.D. under the following conditions : — •
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Thaxter, Langdon Thorn, ..b. ( MMHa^s Coll.) ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^
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Books reconfimended. — Thorndike, Orthopedic Surgery. Whitman,
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The student will be assigned as assistant in the clinic and will take
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went home; later cried much, feared she would die; after this became
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inguinal. This symptom may sometimes precede the mani-
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namely, a pulmonary thickening, by which the parenchyma
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part in the routine work, case-taking, examination of patients, diagnosis
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in which special stress is laid on the origin and growth of the different
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who were resident in the Philippine Islands prior to American occupation
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must pass these examinations in a satisfactory manner, and also fulfil all
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In my clinic at the hospital all cases of conjunctivitis, tear-
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peal, in ascertaining the admissibility of ration as practicable.
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5. Describe the field of vision in glaucoma, toxic tobacco amblyopia,
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you apply dry dressing, it is well to have an attendant dust the anti-
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Absorption of Bone. — That is the earthy matter; occurs generally
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and never do as the book says in this case. Best to feed the horse liquid
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This method of dealing with the disease seems to be an ideal
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and this always of the .'^ame size. When he uses it in such a
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those found in the smears made from the fresh mucus.
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Sears. (B.C.H.) Once a week, throughout the year. 32
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the Rocky Mountains). J. Infect. Dis. (1904), 1, 31.
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cilman, M.D., and Theobald Smith, M.D., for the Harvard Medical School.
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4. Name and characterize four different carbohydrates.
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you to-day, it occurred to me, gentlemen of the graduating
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