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small incision for' fear of cutting through more of the salivary glands.
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tallion will get so he will not notice a mare. The spleen is also liable to
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{a) Clinical and laboratory work, half-courses, all day, except Saturday
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This, is the first time this disease has been described among the An-
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aids in diagnosis ; but they are not entitled still remains the important question : Is that
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by Mrs. James A. Rumrill, in memory of her husband, James Augustus
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Chairman ; Henry K. Oliver, M.D., and J. Collins Warren, M.D., for the
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their first account of the fever and gave their ideas as to its cause and the
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called the Dumb Rabies, in which the throat is paralyzed; this takes
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Leonard W. Williams, Ph.D., Instructor in Comparative Anatomy.
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and sixty-two patients were under treatment. Clinical instruction is given
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South Africa, where he M'ill attend the meeting of the British
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. considered a simple operation nowadays, and it really is a simple one,
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Cabot, Physical Diagnosis. Forchheimer, Prophylaxis and Treatment of
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EDWARD H. RISLFY M n j • v . • ^^ Commonwealth Ave.
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The final choice of electives must be left at the Dean's office on or
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)am m left lower quadrant, speedily becoming knife-like and develop-
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live as well as positive evidence, and to ' being entire — the non-di!atation or lacera-
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and use either the ecraseur or the emasculator having the corrugated side
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Diseases of the Kidney, Diseases of the Spleen, and Hemorrhagic Diseases. By
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not fit to liold a candle to the other, he ran The chief pharroacien of the present
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Etiology. — It may come from a weakened condition of the animal
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tion is situated. My own experience leads . ing portion of the sigmoid colon. Beyond
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)rder to secure for Anatomy, Pathology, and the various clinical subjects,
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blood being diminished, the friction with the vessel wall will be
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practitioner after all, but a fair, average man, and the stupid
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of the lungs was noted. The excessive prostration of the patient, his wandering
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The Embryological Collection is a unique feature of the laboratory
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Code, K ingston ; E. C. Consitt, Perth ; J. A. Corrigan, Kingston ;
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will be accepted as candidates for the degree of M.D.
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diseases of the heart are three in number — Palpitation, Cyanosis, and Syn-
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and resemble those of the human. The same germ in the hard is the
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